Friday, June 08, 2007

More beer content:
I actually had to write down the specs for a robust porter and an american brown ale and put them next to each other.... Look at the similarity:

Brown Ale
45-60 OG
10-16 FG
20-40+ IBU
18-35 SRM
4.3-6.2% ABV

Robust Porter
45-65 OG
12-16 FG
25-50+ IBU
22-35+ SRM
4.8-6.0% ABV

So if I make something like this:
53 OG
14 FG
35 IBU
25 SRM
5.1% ABV

Is it a brown ale because I say so? Is it a porter because it has black patent malt in it? Is it a porter because it has coffee overtones, or a brown ale because it isn't really dark? I think I need to go to beer school because this confuses me.

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