Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I can't believe it's been a month already since I posted last. Let's see, where have I been?

-Ketchum, ID (family)
-NYC (work)
-Eugene, OR (ultimate)

Where am I going in the next month?
-Detroit, MI (family)
-LA (ultimate)
-Chico, CA (ultimate)

I've cranked out three batches of beer. Including the Brown Ale/Porter I was whining about in my last post.

We went to Solstice in Eugene and got ourselves worked over a little. But it was better than starting at CalStates as we have in the past. Overall I was pleased with our effort, we just didn't have enough bodies to really compete. And our defense was not exactly stellar as a team. We were a little challenged by end zone offense as well. It seemed like we would get the turnovers we needed and then repeat attempts into the end zone and fail. Now that's about the worst thing you can do, it seems to me. So frustrating.

Other than running really static drills for set plays, I am not sure how to drill for end zone offense.

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