Thursday, July 19, 2007

We've reached the dog days of summer when no one can stand to hang around in Tucson. It's hot, humid from the monsoon, and just generally slow-moving and dull. It's like winter in some other places, I think, although I've never lived in a super-serious winter sort of place.

This is having an impact on our practice regimen. You wouldn't think it possible that w/ 25 people on our extended roster that we'd only have 9 players at practice, but this is exactly what's going on. So many vacations. Including mine! I've certainly been gone plenty of times.

I have to remind myself that it's too soon to panic. We have time to gel as team, still have three playing opportunities between now and sectionals, and so much potential to rock it. But I am a worry wort - as if you couldn't tell by the constantly vexed tone of my blog posts - and am forced to wonder if we've bit off more than we can reasonably chew. Our college students have been under the whip since last October - and are probably burned out. Our older women have children and can only do so much. Ok, stop panicking.

The flip side of this is that everyone is really loving our social time and various entertaining fundraising projects. We hosted a glow-in-the-dark tournament this past weekend and raised serious bucks - it was a very memorable party to boot. We anticipate the next one to be even more crazy and successful. And the group beer-making has been hilarious. Photos to follow.

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