Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm a practice player. I'm not very good at that.

Back to ultimate for a change. Geez, I've been remiss. Too much work crap showing up on the blog and not enough actual crap.

Anyway, as my 12 readers know, I was one of the captains for Mucho Gusto last year, and this year I decided to retire from competitive ultimate and focus on other activities... Like not depleting my bank account with plane tickets, not sprinting when it's 107 degrees, not kvetching about things I can't control.

So, new for 2008, is Practice Heather. PH is slow, uncoordinated, and can't do a stupid weave drill right to save her life... But PH also can't seem to stop coaching and telling people what to do. PH senses a knowledge gap (or at least a teaching communication gap), and can't stand to not fill it.

I think these communications are generally well recieved - I focus them on fundamentals and core competencies rather than on strategy and execution of specific offensive and defensive sets the captains have installed. And I try to target the greener members of the crew and their individual "teachable moments." But I am concerned that I will piss off the veterans (more than I already have by retiring) and stick my foot in it by incorrectly correcting someone who actually doesn't need my peanut gallery commentary.

So as a practice player, the biggest thing I need to practice is shutting my mouth.

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