Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am still recovering from viewing and volunteering at SW college regionals. The top seven women's teams were in a whole 'nother stratosphere from the rest of the group, but this is actually good news. The region used to only go about 3 deep. And one of this top seven is a freakin' b-team. Be very afraid of UCLA for the next, like, forever.

I also have the Warriors in my mind today. I was a fan when I lived in the Bay Area - this franchise has always displayed a certain amount of spunk on the rare occasions in which they'd actually win a game. But this group is obviously different - it's not the NBA as we know it, but it's also not exactly streetball. FreeDarko is right - the Warriors are breaking off the shackles of the old-guard NBA and finding an entirely new way to win.

That is what I want to do with Ultimate, and women's in particular. I am beyond tired of the old school Right Way to play. It absolutely crushes creativity and spunk and encourages machine-like discipline in order to limit the effect of external variables. I like variables - and I like exciting outcomes. I want to evolve into an offensive style instead of an offensive system. When we speak of making Ultimate more fan friendly and "legit," I think that an increase in dynamic styles of play would be a great start.

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