Friday, May 18, 2007

I feel like I need to clarify my last post. I am not in any way calling out the heart of the Scorch team - only their relative politeness. I am not calling out their skills (not at all!) - only their tendency to self-doubt. If that self-doubt can be eliminated, then they have the ability, potential, talent, skill, and heart to play with absolutely anyone in the country. Period.

In other notes, Tucson Club Women's tryouts commenced yesterday. It's so great to see 22 women out to play hard and get ready for a summer of serious bizness. I am co-captaining and -coaching this team and am nervously excited for the challenge. I am using this blog to talk up some of the ideas I have.... To help me work them out, and believe in them. And I believe everything I read.

Last thought for the day. I don't know who the original author of this quote is, but I got it from prospective WNBA player Megan Vogel on her blog:

"When you don't practice, know that someone else somewhere is practicing, and when you meet them, they will beat you."

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