Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just got finished reading the SW Women's All-Region thread on RSD. Everyone did a magnificent job of patting themselves on the back. I am thankful that the Arizona team has been spared a bunch of empty congrats from other teams who, in truth, totally disregard them and consider them a non-factor in the region's development.

They are considered that way because they allow it. They have thusfar been content to be proficient without distinguishing themselves. The only thing missing from this group is a certain kind of "want to," the kind that makes you hate to lose more than you love to win.

I have always struggled with this in my own athletic career; because I have not been on a lot of successful teams I accept losing very willingly. Otherwise I wouldn't enjoy the pursuit. There are so many things in life to get excited and emotional about, and I have not allowed my own sports performance to be one of them. How do you convert yourself from an easygoing take-it-or-leave-it athlete, to a crazy must-win athlete? And how do you do it without losing a sense of fun, or without destroying your commitment to Spirit of the Game?

We'll be working with some of the student athletes during the summer/fall Club season. I am hoping to have some great long discussions about this with them and the rest of the new teammates and try to find the answers to these questions.

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